Award: Western Living Magazine, “40 Foodies Under 40”

In early January, we get a phone call informing us that both Roaming Dragon founders have been selected for Western Living’s “40 Foodies Under 40”.
The phone call was intended to serve 2 purposes…to inform Jason & Jory that they had been selected to the list of “40 under 40” AND to verify that both founders of Roaming Dragon were in fact under 40 years of age. Coincidentally, it was Jason’s birthday and he was feeling a little cheeky, here’s how the dialog went:
Writer: “Congrats on being selected for “40 Foodies Under 40”. PLEASE tell me you’re under 40”.
Jason: “The good news it’s my birthday today!”
Writer: “The bad news…?”
Jason: “Would I be disqualified if it’s my 40th birthday?”
Writer: “You’re kidding…aren’t you!?”
Jason: “Yes. I’m 35 today and Jory (my biz partner) is 36 years old…”.
Needless to say, both Roaming Dragons (Jory & Jason) are humbled, flattered, and honoured to have been chosen by Western Living Magazine as “40 Foodies Under 40”!!

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