“Best Things to Eat & Drink in Vancouver”: Lychee & Basil Lemonade

Vancouver Magazine has officially announced our Lychee & Basil Lemonade as one of Vancouver’s “best things to eat & drink in Vancouver”…how cool is that!

We’re often asked where the idea for the drink came from and how the combination of lemon, basil, and lychee came about.
A lemonade was a no-brainer for us, so that was easy. We toyed with mint, but found it to be too predictable/generic. Basil was next and its subtleness was a perfect fit.
Next, we played with rambutan. It was nice, but the texture wasn’t right and we needed a more fragrant fruit. As soon as we added lychee puree, we know we were on to something good…and it’s so great to know Vancouver Magazine agrees!!

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